NASA Deputy Administrator to Visit Artemis Partner Advanced Space

NASA Deputy Administrator: NASA Deputy Administrator Davi Nutt will visit Artemis Partner Advanced Space, Inc. In Newtown, PA on May 30, 2019 to learn more about the company’s innovative technology and services That are supporting the agency’s efforts to send astronauts to deep space.  At Artemis Partner Advance Space, we are dedicate to providing our customers with the most advance space technologies and services possible.

Our solutions help NASA make great strides in exploration by enabling them to address key challenges such as reducing equipment weight and improving performance. We are excite to host Deputy Administrator Nutt and look forward to learning more about how our technologies can help NASA achieve its mission goals.

Deputy Administrator of NASA to visit Artemis Partner Advance Space

NASA Deputy Administrator Martha Johnson will visit Artemis Partner Advance Space in Toulouse, France, to discuss the agency’s vision for advancing space exploration. Johnson is schedule to arrive on July 11 and speak at a forum on July 12. She will also tour the facility and meet with industry partners.

Artemis Partner Advance Space is a collaborative effort between Airbus Defense and Space and Alania Spain. The facility is designed to support the development of advance spacecraft technologies and capabilities for NASA. Artemis Partner Advance Space includes a clean room where aerospace components can be teste without interference from Earth’s environment, as well as laboratories, facilities for manufacturing spacecraft components, and a test launch Pad.

What will Deputy Administrator Bolden discuss during his visit

NASA Deputy Administrator Michael Bolden will visit Artemis Partner Advance Space on March 15th to discuss the agency’s plans for sending humans to the Moon and Mars.

NASA Deputy Administrator to Visit Artemis Partner Advanced Space

Bolden will also meet with company leaders to discuss their technological advances in space transportation and exploration.

How important is the relationship between NASA and Artemis?

NASA Deputy Administrator Jim Green is schedule to visit Artemis partner Advance Space on March 22, 2018. The meeting will highlight the importance of the relationship between NASA and Artemis and discuss the partnership’s goals for the future. The visit comes as part of NASA’s effort to increase public engagement with space exploration.

What are some of the benefits of having such a strong partnership with Artemis

NASA Deputy Administrator Dava Newman will visit Artemis partner Advance Space Technologies on October 18 to discuss the agency’s partnership with the company and the technology. Artemis is developing to support crewe missions to the Moon and Mars.The Artemis program is key to our goal of sending humans to Mars,” said Newman.

“Advance Space Technologies has been a critical partner in helping us achieve that goal. And I’m excite to see what they have in store for us next.”Artemis is working on several technologies that could be use in future space missions. Including a flexible airlock system. That can be adapte for different spacecraft sizes. As well as advance engines that could help spa up trips to deep space.  The company is also working on a Crew Transfer Vehicle (CTV). That could carry up to four astronauts. And a Landing Vehicle for Safe Return (LVR).

Advance Space Technologies is committ to developing leading-edge technology for NASA,” said CEO David Thompson. “We are grateful for the partnership. We have with NASA and look forward to continuing our work together on important projects such as Artemis.”


NASA Deputy Administrator Dava Newman will travel to Advance Space Concepts Headquarters in Mojave.  California later this month to discuss the agency’s joint efforts. With Artemis partners across government. And industry on developing new ways to launch astronauts into space. Newman’s visit comes as part of NASA’s preparations for International Space Week, which runs Feb. 20-26.

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