NASA Welcomes Vice President of Colombia for Artemis Accords

NASA Welcomes Vice President of Colombia NASA has just welcomed a new leader to the world of space exploration and research – Vice President of Colombia Carlos Holmes Trujillo! The Artemis Accords establish a practical set of principles to guide cooperation among nations, including those participating in NASA’s Artemis program.


NASA is welcoming the Vice President of Colombia, Manuel Santos, for a signing ceremony of the Artemis Accords on July 12 at Kennedy Space Center in Florida. The agreement will provide cooperation between NASA and the Colombian Space Agency to advance human space exploration goals. The Artemis Accords were reached in March between NASA Administrator Jim Bridgestone and his Colombian counterpart, Jorge Rondos. The goal of this cooperative effort is to ensure that both countries are sharing research and technology to help advance space exploration while also increasing collaboration throughout Latin America. 

“We’re very excited about this new agreement with Colombia,” said Jim Bridgestone. “This partnership will help us share our expertise and better serve the Latin American region as we work together to explore space.” Manuel Santos said that he is looking forward to working with NASA to achieve goals for human space exploration in Latin America. “Our nations have a shared history of progress in science and technology,” he said. “We are confident that this Agreement will lead to even more advancements for both our countries.”

Who is Vice President Pence?

Vice President of the United States Mike Pence recently traveled to Bogota, Colombia to attend the Artemis Accords signing ceremony. The deal was brokered between Colombia and the US as part of Pence’s efforts to revive the Obama-era peace agreement that aimed to end the long-running war between the two countries.

Pence praised Colombian President Iván Duque for his “steadfast conviction” in concluding the accord, which he said would send a “clear message” to drug cartels. He also thanked outgoing US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson for his work in facilitating negotiations. The Vice President is known for his dedication to advancing conservative policies within the Trump administration. He previously served as Indiana’s governor and was an early supporter of Trump’s presidential campaign.

Why is Colombia Important to Artemis?

Since the signing of the Artemis Accords in Colombia in December 2018, both NASA and its international partners have been excited about the opportunities this new partnership will provide for space exploration. Colombia is a key partner for Artemis as it has significant resources, a strong space program, and a commitment to expanding cooperation with other nations in space. The signing of the Artemis Accords was an important step forward for bothNASAandColombia.

NASA Welcomes Vice President of Colombia for Artemis Accords

The Accords set out a framework for cooperation between the two countries, including joint exploration of the moon and other celestial bodies. This cooperation will help to further expand our understanding of our universe and make advances in space technology. Additionally, the Artemis Accords create opportunities for Colombian scientists and engineers to work with their American counterparts on projects such as developing new spacecraft technologies.

This collaboration will help to strengthen Colombia’s space program and ensure that it remains competitive in the global marketplace. With its rich history, amazing natural scenery, and passionate people, Colombia is an excellent partner for NASA’s efforts to explore space. By working together we can continue making progress towards our ultimate goal: sending humans to Mars.

What is the Artemis Accords and how does it affect Colombia?

The Artemis Accords are a treaty between the United States of America and the Government of Colombia that aim to reduce violence in the region. The accord was sign on October 11th, 2015 in Washington D.C. by U.S. Vice President Joe Biden and Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos. Since the signing of the Artemis Accords, there has been a decrease in violence in Colombia.

The main goal of the accord is to improve security through cross-border cooperation and joint actions between both countries. This includes working together to fight transnational organize crime, drugs trafficking, and terrorism. The accord also aims to improve human rights and strengthen democracy in both countries.

How will this affect Colombia’s economy?

NASA welcomed Vice President of Colombia, Germán Vargas Fleras for an official signing. Of the Artemis Accords at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida. The Artemis Accords are a deal between NASA. And the Colombian government that will provide funding and support for aerospace programs through 2028. The Artemis Accords will provide money to help build new spacecraft and facilities, as well as increase the number of astronauts that are sent to space.

This agreement is a major step towards increasing cooperation between both countries. And will hopefully lead to even more advancements in space exploration in the future. This signing has immense potential for both countries, and it is hoped that it will lead to increase collaboration in fields such as aerospace technology and space exploration. It is clear that this partnership has great potential. And it is exciting to see how it will progress over the coming years.


On Wednesday, October 17th, Vice President of Colombia José Manuel. Santos visit NASA Headquarters in Washington D.C. to sign the Artemis Accords with representatives. From both NASA and the ESA (European Space Agency). The Artemis Accords are a partnership between NASA and ESA. That will see joint exploration of the moon by both entities over the next five years. This landmark agreement is an important step forward for space collaboration and research. As it will bring together two world-renown organizations to work collaboratively on behalf of humanity.

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