NASA ESA Finalize Agreements on Climate

NASA ESA Finalize Agreements: The European Space Agency (esa) and the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (nasa) have finalize agreements that outline how the agencies will collaborate to ensure continuity of Earth observations; advance understanding of the Earth System, climate change and application of that knowlege; and coordinate their activities.

What is the agreement:

The two organizations, Nasa and ESA, have finaliz agreements on climate research. These agreements will help to improve understanding of Earth’s climate system and inform decisions about how to protect our planet from the effects of climate change. NASA ESA Finalize Agreements on Climate under the agreement, Nasa will provide funding for ESA’s Copernicus Climate Change Service (CCS) to support its work monitoring changes in the Earth’s atmosphere, oceans and land surface.

CCS will provide global data products and services that enable inform decision making about climate change. ESA will also use Nasa data to support its own research into the causes. And consequences of climate change. This collaboration will help us build a more comprehensive understanding of how human actions are affecting our planet. Which is essential if we are going to take effective action to prevent further damage to our environment.

What do the agencies hope to accomplish with this agreement:

NASA and ESA have finalized agreements on climate change that call for the two organizations to work together to better understand Earth’s climate system. The agreements were sign at a meeting in Madrid, Spain on Dec. 10. According to NASA the goal of the agreements is “to improve our understanding of how Earth’s climate works and how it is changing.” ESA will contribute to NASA’s research by providing data from its satellites and other instruments.

NASA ESA Finalize Agreements

The agreements also call for joint efforts in studying carbon dioxide levels. Arctic ice melt. And ocean currents. The agreement comes after years of talks between the two organizations. In 2013, NASA released a report highlighting the risks posed by global warming and called for increased cooperation with ESA. This year, ESA released its own report that warned about the effects of climate change on Europe.

The US and Russia signed the agreements but what other countries are involved in this agreement:

The United States and Russia have finalize agreements on climate change. But what other countries are involve in this agreement. The Paris Agreement was sign by 195 countries in 2015, with the goal of avoiding the most severe effects of climate change. NASA ESA Finalize Agreements on Climate the U.S. is one of the countries who have ratifie the agreement. The Paris Agreement requires each country to make voluntary commitments to reduce their carbon emissions.

These commitments must be submitt to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change and then review every five years. The next review is schedule for 2022. In order to meet these commitments. Each country has create individual plans to reduce their carbon emissions

. Each plan is different, base on the country’s economic situation and resources. Some of the countries that have sign onto the Paris Agreement. China China has pledge to reduce its carbon emissions by 2030 by about 26% from 2005 levels.

This will require a large investment in renewable energy and energy efficiency measures. India India plans to reduce its carbon emissions by 40% from 2005 levels by 2030 through various measures including renewable energy development, improving agricultural productivity, and increasing insulation use in households. The Russian Federation has pledge to reduce its carbon emissions by 45% from 1990 levels by 2030 through a combination of improvements in forest management and implementation of renewable energy initiatives like solar power and wind turbines.

How will this affect the future of climate change research:

NASA and ESA have finaliz agreements that will help improve climate change research. The agreements include a plan to manage share data, facilities, and resources. This will help researchers better understand how the Earth’s climate is changing. And make more inform decisions about how to address the issue.

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